Monday 17 May 2010

Sneak Peek: Exploding Box

I set myself a challenge at the weekend: make something that fits these criteria:
  • in 3-D
  • with a colour you don't normally use
  • to give as a gift
It turns out I couldn't finish what I began, because I don't have access to the photos I wanted to use. Here is a sneak peek anyway of the very beginnings of what I plan to be a birthday gift for my nan:

I plan to add photos and journalling to both inside layers. At the moment there's just one solitary embellishment:

The paper I decided to cut up for this project was Sassafras Lass Life is Beautiful Woodland Whimsy Paper Garden (outside layer) and Scenic Route Garden Grove Brookhurst Street (inside layer):

All I did was measure a 10x10cm square (9x9cm for the inside layer), and trace 10cm tall triangles (9cm for the inside layer) extending from each side of the square. I cut this shape out and creased the lines, and then stuck the square of the inside layer to the square of the outside layer. I added eyelets to the tops of the triangles so that the pyramid can be tied together with ribbon.


  1. It is very pretty, I love the shape, and patterned paper.

  2. That is amazing! Do you have a finishing photo of that now? It looks so attractive! Has your nan had it now, she must be well pleased!

  3. she hasn't got it yet (because I haven't worked on it more yet) but her birthday's not till august so it's OK...