Tuesday 1 June 2010

Celebrating Brussels

We've just recovered from a totally excellent FREE Jazz Marathon weekend put on by the city of Brussels. Highlights included two exciting open-air concerts which were very distant from what most people think of when they see the word 'Jazz', a too-fast but very fun rock 'n' roll dance lesson, and my sister-in-law suddenly joining in with a gig (it's OK, she's performed with the act before!).

So while I'm waiting for the Jazz Marathon photos, I've decided to focus on something else that Brussels can boast about: Art Nouveau.

The building in the photo on the left page has been covered with scaffolding ever since we took the photo, which was on the clearest day in January (2009). So glad we captured it when we did, because lately peeking through the scaffolding we can see the ironwork is now painted bright green....hmmm. The Art Nouveau graffiti in the photo on the right page is on the shutter of a shop in tourist central (in other words, it is hardly ever down, so we were lucky to catch it that day). I love its colour, and the way it exhibits simplicity yet also curvy, swirly beauty.

I spent a little time quilling for this double 20x20 page layout, but that is pretty much all it consists of. Except for the great photos, of course.


  1. yeah quilling ! you totally inspire me here ! great job :)

  2. aaaahhhhh, you did quilling ! I love this technique :) and I also love that you use it with those stripes, looks good! And it's so nice how the quilling flowers are a continuation of the graffiti picture. It's genius!

  3. thanks ladies - yes, get quilling! it may be time consuming, but the results are so satisfying! (Chocodeline, I am looking forward to seeing your quilled insects soon!) x

  4. So lovely, it just matches so well, I love the quilling, great photo, just fabulous!