Friday 4 June 2010

Dreaming of Cupcakes

Actually, I do often dream of layouts, cards, and materials... but not cupcakes - yet. I made a 'Cupcake Dreams' layout for this competition... and then had to go out and buy some ingredients to make another batch of cupcakes :-) Good thing there's a picnic tomorrow so I can *share* them with people! Anyway, here's the layout:

The 3 dreams are 1) that there was no fat in cupcakes so I could eat them guilt-free, 2) that mine eventually look like the ones in the book, and 3) that (pending point 2) I open up a cafe selling tea, lemonade and cupcakes. Apart from cupcakes, I'm loving these script-printed flowers (I'll be making my own soon):

...I'm loving graph paper and fountain pens (made me feel all scholarly again):

...and I'm loving concentrically stacked buttons:

Fingers crossed for the competition! (And now off to make cupcakes...)


  1. I'm with you on your 3 dreams :) but have to say your layout has turned out a dream ... it's gorgeous.

  2. I think you are in with a good chance of winning! I love how you have done the title, it has a retro feel about it. A lovely dream too! Lemonade and cake reminds me of Enid Blyton books! Love the scripted flowers, I am going to try and make these.