Friday 18 June 2010

Craft Classes: Test Run

I've been busy planning my craft classes today! I've worked out all the timings for the 4 days I'll be giving classes, and what we'll get done on each day. I have 4 to 6 hours in total per class, which should be plenty of time, taking into account the fact that I'll be teaching vocabulary as we go along (it's a summer school for kids who are learning English).

I've also carried out the test run, using only the materials which I'll be providing to the girls, and this is the result:

I actually found it oddly liberating to have strict boundaries on what I could and couldn't use: for a project I do usually collect all the paper, ribbon, buttons, bling, stamps and so on I'm going to use and put it in a box before starting, but inevitably find myself running back to my main stash and grabbing other bits and pieces, or not using everything I've selected. The boundaries forced me to find more creative ways to use the things at my disposal.

I am going to showcase elements that seem to be quite in fashion at the moment - tags, flags and edge-inking - and will take them through the steps to making their own flower, amongst other things. Really looking forward to it now!

Just a few last preparations to do!


  1. That is so lovely, what a great little album, think it will be a winner, now you have to make one for his sister!

  2. I hope your craft classes go well! it looks like a gorgeous album!

  3. the one I make as I go through the classes will be for his sister :-)

  4. How excited.. and a geat way for you to start teaching let me know how it goes... I'm sure all the kids will love it! Kate x