Thursday 5 August 2010

I've Been Sew Busy!

This week I put aside paper crafting to get through a long overdue list of sewing tasks. The reason I'd been putting it off for so long was because I'm not hugely confident with the sewing machine... but, well, practice makes perfect. And though I'm far from perfect, I have improved greatly, and am now thinking about more complicated projects. Here's what I worked on this week.

First, very first, I finished the curtains for the bedroom (I started these back in February - yep, that's how long I've been delaying) by adding the tabs:

I had some leftovers from this fabric, which I was about to add to my leftovers bag when I found some other really good contrasting leftovers... and so I decided to make some little birds:

The pattern for these can be found here. They're so cute! But don't look too closely at mine - they're my first attempt! That was Monday. Tuesday I made some cushions:

- which got all creased up by the dog on the sofa before I could photograph them. I also fixed loads of clothes - it feels like I've got a new wardrobe!

Wednesday I made some more curtains, this time for the spare room, out of a great colourful CHEAP fabric from Ikea. Basically the door has glass panes in the top half, as does the adjoining door to our bedroom, so we wanted to cover them to provide a little privacy for our guests. It's also a very dark room, being at the back of the house (and in the basement, oh yes), so the colours really brighten it up.

Thursday I made a bread basket. Slacking off, that's all I made.
Friday, the final day in the week of sewing, I made a bag from this pattern - with the leftover material from the spare room curtains and some other leftover fabric I had:

I'm back to paper crafting next week, but any suggestions for things to sew that you might have for me would be most welcome. There's a little scottie dog up my sleeve, for example...


  1. Wow, that's a lot of sewing :) I really like the little birds and the bag: in fact, bags are great, make more bags!

  2. I don't know where to start!! Love the curtains, the fabric for the spare room is amazing! The little birds are so cute, will definately have a go at those, bags are great, need the patter for those too! and also the cushions, lovely. No wonder you are feeling pleased with yourself, a very productive week indeed, and all lovely. lovely things.

  3. Dad is very impressed as well!

  4. yes, I have mastered the art of the straight line... x

  5. love all your work. It looks like it took alot of time, but well worth it

  6. ohhh... you are truly creative and crafty!!!!

  7. Your bread basket matches my living room curtains!

  8. We need to change more ideas for sewing! I like those birds! Just starting a quilt (well trying) from left overs. Will see how it goes. I also just bought some cheap marimekko fabric and need ideas what to make from it. Maybe a duvet cover for Calvin...