Wednesday 11 August 2010

Exploding Box (better late than never) and ***Other News***

A few months ago I constructed the base for a mini-album of sorts - the exploding pyramid box. Well, I've finally finished it. After deciding finally on the contents, I had to run a technological assault course of buying new printer ink, cleaning the printer nozzles, backing up my files, reinstalling Windows, updating all my links and drivers, and building up the computer again to get it to the point where I could actually print the photos I wanted, in the way I wanted. I'm the other side of that now, and despite my brain hurting a little and my patience being tested a lot, am back into the swing of the papercrafing thing.

Here is the exploding pyramid box. I've left the outside blank, except for a short title (yep, that's the person it's for):
And I've kept the embellishments on the inside quite simple, sticking to flowers and buttons:

As I said in the earlier post about this, the two papers I used were Sassafras Lass Life is Beautiful Woodland Whimsy Paper Garden (outside layer) and Scenic Route Garden Grove Brookhurst Street (inside layer). I'm now off to post this to my Nan in time for her birthday.

Other News

Well, first of all, I'm going to be published again in SNR Magazine. Second submission, second acceptance - not bad. If I keep this up I'll have a permanent free subscription :-) This time they've chosen to publish my layouts 'Me' and 'Slide Away' (the yellow and blue page).

Second, I'll be posting my 100th post in five posts' time, and to celebrate that I'll be giving something away - so keep an eye out for news of this in the coming couple of weeks!


  1. Well, congratulations! I've just been over and checked out SNR..looks good.

  2. Great news, well done, will pop over there and check it out. Love the exploding box, I think Nan will love all those pictures of you!

  3. wow love this box so very creative. Also congrats on the publish in Scrapbook.

  4. That's so creative! Is it possible to invert the whole thing so you could hang it?

  5. I think this is fantastic - I love how intricate it is!

  6. thanks L - the ties at the top mean that it could easily be hung, yes, whichever way you'd like to fold it x

  7. I love this idea! Would be perfect for nana or granpa as a first pressie from their grandson!