Thursday 19 August 2010

Stamping on Flowers

I just wanted to share a little thing with you - something I was really pleasantly surprised with when I saw the results.

My mum gave me a stamp that she didn't want anymore, a big square of paisley pattern, and I was struggling to think of how to use it. I was going to make a card and had some big plain flowers that needed sprucing up... cue the paisley stamp, and whaddaya know? I took the flowers, put them on some spare card, and stamped the image right over them.

I think they look so good! The flower is in the bottom right of the card, looking much more interesting than it did before stamping. I used the whole square of the paisley stamp too on the background of the card:

(Sorry about the bad pics by the way... have had computer issues these past two weeks and thing still aren't back to normal.)


  1. It wasn't a stamp I didn't want anymore, I bought us both one. The small pattern works well doesn't it. MMM, I haven't used mine yet but now I feel inspired.
    (Happy birthday!!)

  2. lol about your mum's comment! And a Happy Birthday :)

  3. Happy Birthday :) ... hope you had a lovely day .. and love the flowers too.

  4. I really like these Cheryl! Really good idea, they are so pretty.

  5. Such a good idea!! Thanks for the inspiration!!