Thursday 12 August 2010

Summertime Blues

As it is pouring with rain here, and has done at some point every day this month, I am trying to find some inner summertime. I still have lots of Echo Park Sweet Summertime paper left... that's the thing about 12x12 paper - when you cut it up and use it for bits and pieces it seems to go much further. And there's this photo that I took a few years ago when we visited a Beach Near Us. I've wanted to scrap it for a long time, but have been so obsessed by the fact that I should've
done a much better job at the photographing stage that I have never planned anything for it.

Until now. Desperation for the sun has set in, and I look to paper for a bright, sunny day. This is my creation - very simple, using lots of Sweet Summertime paper and LOTS of the stickers that come with the set. I flicked paint over a cloud-shaped mask in the top right, and used Sassafras stamps above the lettering.

And I feel - momentarily - much sunnier. The photo I'm talking about is the one of the beach huts - they're beautiful, but my camera skills then were minimal, and I'm still disappointed by it. I hope the page instead does them justice!

Also, don't forget about my giveaway, coming soon!


  1. Inner summertime - I like it! That's what we need to hold on to over here too. You certainly picked the right papers for it, they are beautiful :)

  2. The weather is just the same here today. It was lovely that day we went to Cromer, and I have been in love with beach huts eversince. Love the page, photos aren't that bad!

  3. the brights against the blues look great!!! and i do love that flicker of paint!!! nice touch indeed...

  4. Ya the weather sucks right now! Love that photo of the beach huts.

  5. I love how you've used thes papers .. really does bring out the inner summer in us - more so when it's raining .. like it has been! Those beach huts are great