Sunday 26 December 2010

Christmas Came and Went

I trust everyone had a very merry Christmas! The biggest surprise here was that my brother gave some brilliantly creative, skilfully put together handmade gifts that really blew me away: he made me a bag, and my fiance some bowls from old vinyl records.

It's a little bit late to share the last batch of Christmas cards; however, there's an early card-related resolution I'd like to make, and it seems like the right time to say it.

I've used a lot of new paper this year making my Christmas cards. Even paper that isn't strictly Christmassy. Like this Sassafras Lass paper:

I even resorted to stealing and using an image off the web in place of the Bombshell stamps I don't have yet:

And I loved my Basic Grey Jovial 6x6 pad, and am thrilled that I still have some paper left from it for next year.

However, I've realised I have a lot of paper that I don't really like. There are, of course, a lot of cards to make. So... my early resolution is to only make cards from the paper I don't like. I'll post more about this in the new year. Happy Boxing Day everyone!


  1. Lovely things to see as usual. Thank you so much for the wonderful card. I just love the orange rose paper, I would never have thought to use something like that for a christmas card but it works so well, I just love it! and will probably steal your idea!!

  2. Gorgeous cards and I'll join you on that resolution. I managed one this year and you are right - I shouldn't be scared of them just do things my way ;)

    Hope you had an amazing day, I love that your brother surprised you like that, my sister amnazed me by tracking down a REALLY old film on dvd that I loved as a child :)

  3. Beautiful cards!! Love the idea of the bowls made from records!! Very creative!!

  4. It sounds like you had a good one, then :)

    My brother posted his gifts in New England on Monday and they arrived here on Friday, were taken in by a neighbour who brought them round on Christmas morning! A year for brotherly surprises

  5. Great cards, that sounds like a good resolution too. I have loads of bits like that including a big box of Christmas paper! Maybe I should start making cards for Christmas! :)

  6. love your fold up cards! You should do a tut for it because I would love to know how!!