Sunday 19 December 2010

Birthdays at Christmas

We all know someone or some people whose birthdays fall in or around the Christmas period. Some of them hate it; some of them have embraced it. However they feel, I think it's imperative to keep the birthday part and the Christmas part separate - even if they ask for a big, expensive present which can straddle the two occasions.

I now have 5 family members with birthdays falling between 5 December and 5 January. That's not to mention the number of friends too! It means a lot of extra thinking - and not just for present-buying - at this busy time of year. Planning ahead is essential, but also fun.

So far I've made some cards, and a gift box, in which a friend can store small craft supplies.

Here's the gift box. I also made the pins and the buttons inside:


And here are the cards. They're all for the same person, but as the skull ones were specially requested I had to make this many:

The biggest challenge of all is when the person whose birthday it is hates having their birthday at this time of year. How do you make it extra special?


  1. Yes that is tricky! I think you have done a great job making extra special presents and cards though :)

  2. What a gorgeous present - you''ll certainly have made that persons birthday special. I have a similar problem - my sister is on December 7th and my friend is on Boxing Day. Aargh.

  3. Lovely present, I really want to have a go at making buttons. The cards are great as well x

  4. So many December birthdays over here! You put together great gifts - I especially love the fold out card, the recipient can display it too!

  5. Your family and friends are going to be so happy - what fabulous cards and I just love the gift you've put together.