Tuesday 19 April 2011

A Little Bit Punk, A Little Bit Rock n Roll

After a full night of wedding nightmares, it somehow seems apt that I finally share pictures of our invitations.

(These are not the original photos I took; they disappeared with the life of my laptop. So the lovely black, kraft-lined envelopes and the two great piles of invitations live on only in my head.)

And as the reality of the nightmares fade, if not the memory, I have some great news to share too: I'm on the Punky Scraps DT for 2011-2012! Yep, I'm now officially a Punky Rebel. Punky Scraps is a great challenge blog with a DT that is a bit more unconventional... go check it out!

I must now go and brush the residual cobwebs away and do some positive wedding planning to avoid any of the outcomes in my dreams. Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Very cool invitations! I'd say they'll be displayed on quite a few noticeboards, mantelpieces etc etc..

    And congrats on your DT appointment too :)

  2. Congrats on making yet another DT!! These are the most original and cool wedding invites I have ever, ever seen, so much work, and the result was superb. I shall keep mine forever!

  3. Amazing invites, love them to pieces! Oh, and congrats on the PS DT appointment :) I love playing along in their challenges, and can't wait to see your inspiration creations. I just *love* your style so very much.

  4. Beautiful invitations, even nicer in real! ours sits proudly in our living room.
    Congratulations on your new DT appointment!

  5. They're beautiful and having seen them in real life, I think they're even better than the photo shows them.

    Congrats on the DT post.