Friday 2 March 2012


In the middle of a storm of user rights, copyrights, intellectual property rights, and generally a whole lotta difficulty, rumour, uncertainty and confusion, True XOXO has challenged its DT to be inspired by Pinterest this month.

And what did we do? Pushed on regardless. Inspiration and interpretation are ours this month.

Pinterest, for me, at least before this storm came a-brewin', firstly an explosion of visual stimulation, and secondly, a place where I dream about the house that we are currently looking for. From that angle I have scrapped a photo of our little family and how we are putting down roots in this here city, as well as incorporating aspects that I think are visually stimulating, like bright colours contrasted with dark ones, patterned paper shapes, and a little airplain effect that I'm already very fond of!

 Go check out the new XOXO blog and join in with the challenge - you could win a guest DT spot!


  1. That's just so cool! love it.

  2. Love your page! Great colors and I can't wait to hop over and check out this new challenge blog! Also I did email you! Thanks so much for contacting me!!! I know you didn't have too:):)

  3. Very cool spin on the challenge, love this layout and it will be so cool when it's added to layouts of your new home! :D

  4. What a lovely layout, and oh what a lovely photo. I hope everyone can get past all this with pinterest, I'm with you, I adore looking at everything from ideas from our home to all the amazing peoples work that is out there.

  5. This is lovely! So many beautiful details!