Thursday 15 March 2012


Just a quick roundup of a few things today...

Cards for Boys
...are not soooo difficult, I have found lately:

that's a special birthday, that is

To get the pennants - which are stickers from Echo Park - to stand up, I first stuck them onto some paper, just up to the point where I wanted to curl them away from the card, and then adhered them by the remaining sticky part.

just like they're fluttering in the breeze
And I employed the old paper-weaving technique again for a friend's birthday card. A friend who plays the bass in a band. A hippy living, reggae loving friend.

that's another quite special birthday

Paper Piecing
Just a quick share of something I worked on for a certain wedding anniversary last year:


Stuff Going On
Don't forget the Gauche Alchemy DT Call, running till the end of the month. And don't forget the March Madness at Scrapbook Challenges - we're taking bets now, and the competition starts tomorrow! You gotta be in it to win it!

Intelligent Product Packaging
I really appreciate it when a manufacturer thinks about their packaging. Check out this freebie I got from Revlie's class:

ooh, canvas flowers!
And then you look closely, and see that they've also given you a nice thick acetate sheet with beautiful white doily patterns on:

I like acetate with patterns on. A lot.
Has anyone else come across really intelligent packaging of scrapbooking products? I want to hear about them! And why do you like them? Because they're green? Because you can reuse them? Do share!


  1. I like the Prima packaging with the decorative kraft card inside. Lovely..

    ..and I also love fluttering banners.

  2. LOVE those cards!!!! The weaving in the second is awesome and the banners and design in the first are FANTASTIC! I've never seen that Prima packaging! I'm jealous! My fave packaging products is the 2010 K and Company "Handmade" line with the beige grid- I save those pieces and use them everywhere because they are tougher than kraft but have the look of it. I also save the Sassafras notebook paper print from their embellishments. I wish more manufacturers would design their products in acetate so you could have matching transparency material for their embellishments. This is a GREAT post topic BTW- we should feature it over at GA!

  3. What lovely projects. I must say I'm a huge fan of prima packaging, actually I do tend to keep a big bag of unusual packaging,