Wednesday 7 March 2012

A Very Special Day

Today I’d like to tell you a little story.

It was the height of the summer holidays, and a blazing hot, thirst-making kind of day. I was perhaps eight years old, and playing in the street with my friends, at the outskirts of the small town on the edge of farmland where my family spent a few years living the country life.

At some point that day, I came inside for a cold glass of refreshing lemonade, or maybe it was an ice-pop, and found my mum in the living room, listening to Kool & the Gang, knelt over a spread of fabric. There were chalk lines and scissors, pin cushions and thread, and panels ready to make up a dress for a little girl.  
I can’t remember if she asked me to stop in for a while so that she could measure me; but I do remember the fabric: it was white, with large neon orange polka dots, and it was pretty much the same shape as the dress I’m wearing today:

Cheryl's cherry dress #2
And why am I wearing such a dress today?
Today is a very special day, because a very special lady is having a very special birthday.

Last night she was surprised by an unexpected visit from us, and today she is showing us her new craft room and opening cards and presents. She also doesn’t know that this afternoon we’re going to take her out for tea.

I made her a card, naturally:

Happy Birthday, Mum!
But I also made her a little something to hang on the wall of her new craft room:

that's right. Ain't no one else's craft room.
She loves Webster’s Pages, and things in the style of Cath Kidston and East of India, so I hope this little wall decoration will meet her tastes and match her craft room. The image you can see inside is from Crafty Secrets, and I chose it because, more than scrapbooking, cardmaking, flower arranging and baking, the strongest memory I have of my mum is of her at her sewing machine.

Cute, huh? All those little sewing elements are actually buttons. I just set to work on them with my glue gun and suddenly there was a miniature sewing basket fit for a doll’s house.

Having taken direction from All Things Thrifty, I spray painted this box instead of using acrylic paint and a brush:

the finish is much smoother. Now I feel confident to move on to big pieces of furniture!

a better view of the inside
Wishing you a very happy birthday, mum!


  1. An all-round lovely post! I enjoyed every minute of it, including the little detail about Kool and the Gang

  2. Wow, such a beautiful wall hanging and card! Happy birthday to your mum!

  3. Such a beautiful card and present Cheryl - Im sure she will cherish them. 'Yvette; wouldn't be 'our' Yvette from 52 Walks by chance ???

  4. Aah Cheryl, thank you so much for the lovely gift and card. Thank you for giving me your time, coming over from Brussels mid week when you are so busy anyway, I loved taking tea with you and Adam, Carl and dad at Claridges, I have had the most wonderful birthday, spending it with you all. You have all made me feel very special. I love to hear about your memories.
    Thank you again.

  5. Cheryl what a beautiful card and gift for your mum! Happy Birthday to her too...her happy comment above really says it all doesn't it!

  6. AWWW this is such an awesome read!!! Look (ARROW POINTING UP) she liked it! YAAAYYYYYY! It's BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the wire front and the interior decoration is perfect- just the right amount of detail!

  7. Such a beautiful little cabinet for her craft room!! Love the little details in the basket!! Happy birthday to your mum!!

  8. What a gorgeous card and I can just imagine how much that Beautiful gift will be loved :) if anyone should be spoilt, it sure should be your mum xxx

  9. What a fantastic transformation of the key holder. Bet she loved it to bits.