Tuesday 13 March 2012

Scrapbook Challenges: March Madness

...and it really is. Madness. They're pitting us DT against each other in a knockout competition where forum members can win big if they predict the right winners. It's dog eat dog, each woman for herself... and other fighting terminology that's suitably kick-ass for the level of this contest.

Get on over to the forum to find out what exactly it's all about, and how you can win big!


  1. Wow...that has to be the most intense scrapbooking challenge I've heard of! Fun!

  2. yup I felt the same way Misty reacted- just added a few of my pages but won't be joining this challenge- so much research is needed. :) But I will be joining challenges in the future- just need to get my dt work done so I don't feel guilty.