Friday 16 March 2012

Dublin in Mini

...nope, not in a mini, just in mini. In a mini album, in a mini weekend, in a minimally tourist and maximally family visiting kind of way.

I fancied folding some pieces of card to make a mini album of all the fantastic photos I was gonna take when we went to visit Dublin... but then I got ill, spent the whole of the Thursday in bed in the hotel, and then most Friday and Saturday with family. Plus my SD card decided that no, the nice photos I took on my solitary stroll around on Friday morning were not good enough, and converted them into randomly gigantic encrypted messes. It was easier to try to recreate the stroll and the photos than to work out how to save them from my evil SD card.

So the result is a mini album so far empty of photos but eagerly waiting. I happened to film the process for Gauche Alchemy, and you can also find the video on the 'my videos' page on this here blog of mine.

There are two more videos to go along with this one. They show specific techniques used in the making of this mini - but you'll have to wait! They'll be out later this month. For now, a little taster of the mini album:

I spy Gauche Alchemy products!
See that ouchless cardboard? The coaster? The foil paper? All GA, baby! Go have a look at the GA blog and shop, and at my video too. And do let me know if you've had any annoying or even heart-wrenching experiences with digital images, cameras and SD cards. In my experience sharing is cathartic (plus it'll make me feel a little better to know I'm not the only sufferer).


  1. No bad camera stories, but I have spent a day sick in a hotel room in Dublin! Your album looks lovely, perfect for St Patricks Day

  2. I can recall a bad camera story. We visited a Greek Island, we had to get off the boat and wade through the sea to get to the beach. My son, decided just to jump right in, only he had the bag with the camera in. And, seeing as the water was deep, the bag was soaked. Needless to say the camera was ruined and we had no more photos for the holiday.
    Looks like a great album, will go to Gauche's blog and see your video.

  3. Oh man Yvette's story is giving me HEART PALPITATIONS! I better keep my camera bag away from Miss Lola! I'm so sorry to hear you were sick in Dublin! I think you can still rock the mini though- just write in it! Talk about Murphy's Law with the SD card! I bought a new one for my Italy trip after reading in another scrap blog that they can malfunction- and spent the whole trip double and triple checking my camera was ok- I needed those photos!
    The book looks AMAZING! LOVE the corrugated board. AAAAND I got your happy mail yesterday!!! I took a photo and posted on FB but I believe you didn't see it which is fine- you know how it looks like :) Thank you so much- the ampersand is SO getting altered this weekend! And I love the papers you included!!!