Wednesday 2 November 2011

Autumn: It's Here

Where I am in the world has gone through a bizarre six months of weather changes. In May we had our summer; in July and August, storms and flooding; in September, a heatwave and more flooding; and in October, we had a week of winter, then summer, then finally - finally - the season settled on what it should be: Autumn.

What better than a long afternoon walk in the woods?

the park's still looking green

finally! a legendary toadstool to photograph!

oh the colours

somehow he's arranged our walks so that the halfway point is a tavern

Time to scrap some of these beautiful colours!


  1. Great photo of the toadstool, not often you seen one that hasn't already started to rot! Just what you need during a long walk, refreshment! Looking forward to seeing the photos scrapped!

  2. Love your photos....especially the toadstool.

  3. What a cool variety of photos! But the toadstool is especially excellent: lots of layout subjects could be illustrated with that one

  4. I love these fall photos. Especially the one with the mushroom. So beautiful! Of course I love that there was a tavern too! Men! Wonderfully inspring. Can't wait to see what you create!

  5. amazing photos! legendary is precisely the word for that toadstool!!

  6. I love how you see photography as a scavenger hunt- toad stool CHECK! I'm exactly the same way- the toadstool photo is really beautiful- wowzers on the light through the trees shot as well.