Tuesday 22 November 2011

Feedback and Freebies

I'd like to thank everyone who left a comment here when I asked for feedback a few weeks ago.

I let Django Dog pick a winner, and that winner is:

...to whom I will send a small gift of handmade goodness (oh the tension - I'm not going to show you even a peek of what it is!). ScrappyJacky, well done! Thanks for your comments! Please drop me a line with your postal address.

Thanks again everyone!

PS. When I was talking before about this community being so generous, I meant it. I've been proved right by Michelle, a.k.a. the Willieburg Scrapper at My Analog Life, from whom I have just received in the mail from across the ocean this cute and generous gift:

not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR Sass packs!
She even included this incredibly thoughtful card to congratulate us on our marriage:

great colours, huh? ;-)

Thanks Michelle - you're a star!

ScrappyJacky, don't forget to email me your address so I can mail you something handmade!


  1. It's an amazing card! It'll sit perfectly inside a wedding scrapbook!

    Nice one Jacky :)

  2. Well done Jacky!
    What a lovely surprise you had, how thoughtful of Michelle, and what a fabulous card!

  3. I had forgotten what I sent! So glad you liked the card- a lot of thought went into it as I wanted it to reflect your wedding themes- I would be honored to have it included in the wedding album- it's one of my favorite creations too. ;)