Friday 4 November 2011

No Regrets

Often it's too easy to dwell on the past, to go over things that didn't quite happen the way you expected and analyse them for how they could've been changed or avoided... I'm guilty, sometimes, of this - like most people. But I do make it a daily challenge of mine not to live this way. This year one of my resolutions was to stop worrying about the passage of time and see how much it slows down (it works, by the way), and an aspect of this change was adopting the 'No Regrets' mantra.

this project is subtitled 'my tidy catharsis'

This was put to the test almost precisely two months ago today. Awake at 7.30am on my wedding day, and with 6 hours ahead of me in which to get ready, I was blissfully unaware of the stress that would bring the morning to a close. The car (you've already heard that story, about which I have no regrets, by the way) was due to take us away at 1pm. So, in a leisurely, calm mood, I had my nails painted, and had some coffee, breakfast, and then some champagne. Then it was My Turn - I sat in The Chair and began to have my hair and makeup done. From there, I was facing a clock dead on. I watched with anticipation as both hands approached the 12, then with discomfort as the minute hand hit the 6, and then with rising panic as it passed the 12 again, and passed the hour hand pointing at the 1.

Five minutes later my makeup girl finally gave me a Murray Walker-esque 'Go GO GO!' and I ran downstairs, literally jumped into my dress, had my bridesmaids zip me up, and ran back upstairs to grab my bouquet and my shoes. Outside there was just time for a quick photo and then - uopa! - into the car we squashed, and sped off into the busy centre of Brussels.

It would be two hours later before I realised that I'd completely forgotten to put on my veil - the first accessory I focused on in my wedding planning to embody the image I wanted - and a further 5 hours after that that I realised I'd completely forgotten to write up my vows for our personal ceremony - leaving me with a scribbled piece of paper of half-remembered things and huge gaps where I had wanted to put the love in.

Today, these two issues are still smarting. But in the grand scheme of things, neither caused the world to end, neither ruined the wedding, and neither were unfixable after the event. We will have a 'Rock the Dress' photo session next year, and I will wear the veil. I have written up my vows in full and in the way I wanted to read them, and will give them to him soon. I'm moving on, with no regrets.

...none whatsoever.
For more similarly themed projects, get yourselves over to the Punky Scraps blog this week for the first challenge of November. You'll love what the team have done, and you'll probably love the challenge, too. Thanks for reading my stress story. Now it's out there it feels much, much further away and an entirely tinier problem. See? No regrets!


  1. I empathise.... My daughter had a Midsummer Nights Dream themed wedding. I spend weeks making the bridesmaid dresses and the smallest was a fairy complete with wings. It took ages, trying to work out how the wings could be fitted and stay in position. At the days end I found the wings at the bottom of a bag - in our rush we'd completely forgotten to put them on. It didn't spoil the dress or photos but it still grates that I went to such effort and they would have completed the effect. At least you can look forward to Rock the Dress next year.

  2. What a cool project.... I'm really loving it! Isn't it funny how a few details can really stand out? I'm sure you looked so stunning, veil or no veil...and that your words were just right. :) Great story, too. <3

  3. I think that is a great way to look at life and what it throws at you.. wish I could adopt it. You are right it was stressful, but then how couldn't it be! all deadlines have stresses. But, I really like the idea of "rock the dress" a 1 year anniversary to re say your vows the way you wanted. By forgetting stuff on the day you have created another day to look forward to in the future. I would love to wear my dress again for a special reason. You were the most beautiful, stunning bride I have ever seen, the photos should have been in a magazine for which you should have been paid lots of money. It felt like you were big time celebs. x

  4. I bet he didn't feel there were any gaps where you had forgotten to put the love in :)

    Your Mum says you were beautiful. That says it all

  5. AWWW!!! Your Mom rocks Cheryl! Mine does not read my blog or give me compliments very often but she was totally present and wonderful on my wedding day- she's there for me when it counts so no regrets! I LOVE this project!!! It's such a cool interpretation of the challenge- LOVE your Rockabilly take on it. I want to feature it over at Gauche if you don't mind.

  6. I love what you created and I love your new outlook on life. It's how my boyfriend views the world and he definitely seems like a happier person than me =D

  7. This project is absolutely amazing! Your writing in your blog entries is equally inspiring!!! You just rock girlie!