Tuesday 8 November 2011

Back to Black

In rebellion against the lovely autumn colours, today's post is going dark. Or maybe it's just because I completely bypassed Halloween this year. Or because I used to have goth tendencies. Or all of the above.

The November challenge up at True XOXO Girls is all about black - about being inspired by black in any way. I was inspired by this photo via Pinterest...

photo from bleachblack.com
...because, well, WOW.

I wanted to play with texture in this challenge, so I made a canvas, with just a splash of colour. A ray of hope, if you will, emerging from the shadows.

I used some texturising medium to get that sandy look on the bottom third, mixed acrylic with PVA glue to make it glossier for the top two thirds, and added some gesso coffee rings for added relief. I also stamped and heat embossed the swirl which I love.

It's tough, to make something inspired by black, and then to photograph it well. I've not done such a good job: I should have listened to Michelle's excellent tips on photographing all-black creations.

It's a bit better in close-up though.

Oh, and - exciting news - there are a couple of DT spots open on the XOXO team. If you like the sound of creating something for a monthly scraplift challenge, go see the DT application post and apply!


  1. Amazing nails, thought they were yours at first.
    I like the canvas, the glossy bits really stand out. Like the coffee ring stains as well, the little bird really does stand out.

  2. It's fabulous in close-up!

    I'm in the dog house here, because I made my daughter take off her Halloween black nail varnish before going back to school yesterday!

  3. ;) I never had Goth tendencies- I was a poseur "metal head" into hairbands like Bon Jovi and Whitesnake (EWWW!) but I would have ROCKED that nail polish! I love the background on this page- the 2 tone paint with the swirl is fantastic. You did a great job with the close up- the skewed angle and the high lights (including the 3 black pearls) look fantastic.

  4. I love love love your canvas! I was inspired to create a layout too. Thanks for the great things you produce. I love stopping by!

  5. Wonderful work, Cheryl!! I love black and I love that chandelier! And wow, that pic from Pinterest is awesome!! Hope you have a beautiful day over there! xoxo.

  6. black!! a MUST TRY for me too. Thanks for the inspirations and Thank you for dropping by Cheryl!!!

  7. love the glossy with the matte - black is tough in large quantities but you pulled it off marvelously!!