Tuesday 21 February 2012

A Day to be Proud

Such a busy month for layouts! - It's a good thing I have so many photos to scrap these days.

Scrapbook Challenges has another sketch up on the forum - this time, there's a bit of choice, with different photo formats and different size pages. It certainly makes for a good challenge!

I chose this sketch:

why was I scared of this sketch?

...which is actually squashed up a bit in order to make an A4-sized layout - something I normally like doing, but just to be difficult I stretched it out again to fit the regular 12x12.

My layout, I confess, came together very quickly. The reason? I was scared.

Scrapbook Challenges sketch #283b
Why on earth was I scared? Well... I talked (boasted?) here about how my layouts hardly reflect the sketches I take inspiration from these days. BOOM! That was the sound of me falling back to earth. I am trying to keep a 'togetherness' in my wedding photos - for example, I've used a certain Tim Holtz Bitty Grunge circle stamp somewhere on each page (even here, although you can't see it) - and in that framework I just couldn't see any room for manoeuvrability with this sketch. I didn't want to experiment and mess up the continuity of my wedding album. Perhaps I didn't want to distort the sketch too much because I wasn't feeling confident that day. Mainly I just didn't want a dud page in my collection. So I stuck to the sketch like glue and the result is a verrrrrrrrrry clean layout - almost boring, I find.

The colours work, and I changed the matting paper to a frame, but otherwise it's not much different. I get that the challenge isn't to take a sketch and interpret it to oblivion, but I guess judging by my recent interpretations I was expecting a bit more from myself.

At the end of the day, I am happy with it as a page in my wedding album, and since that was my primary objective, I can say I've succeeded! Perhaps a break from wedding photos is in order?


  1. Really? I thought you would be footloose and fancy free! Your wedding was so amazing I think the album should follow along- don't worry about dud pages- you can always make new ones! I just redid a page I made for GA a few months ago- I took a lot of frills out and redid the journaling but kept the base- I think you should give yourself permission to make mistakes on this- you'll LOVE it later because you'll see your process and growth- and if it really bugs you you can restage the shot in your current time to really make things funky. :) Just my two cents- the page is beautiful- you're gonna rock this out- no worries!

  2. I say, if you're happy it's a success all around! I am SO hopeless with sketches which makes NO sense because it's all there telling you what to do. LOL

  3. Your page looks great! That's the thing about sketches, you can stick to them or interpret them...love your little tea cup by the way:)

  4. I really like the sketch, maybe its because I'm quite into A4 these days. I still think you've made it yours by putting it on a slant an all

  5. I have just started doing some A4 pages and love that sketch. I love the page, I think it's a great photo and you have definately done it justice. I like the way you have used the sketch.