Saturday 18 February 2012

A Recipe of All Sorts

When I cook, I rarely follow recipes to the letter. Sometimes because I disagree with them, but often because I am lacking an ingredient or two and have to improvise. The only exception is when I'm baking - then, it's essential to follow recipes to the letter. That, I'm happy with.

But following a Punky Scraps recipe to the letter is a whole different story. This month, I really struggled to make a cohesive page... but that's why it's called a challenge!

I needed a helping hand, so I used this sketch:

I found on this very talented lady's blog (who I discovered via and it was designed by this scrapper.

And I tried really, really hard to follow the recipe. Here is my layout:

Punky Scraps challenge #42
Now I can take a step back I can analyse where I think I went wrong with this layout - I started with a patterned paper, and had to work around the pattern on the base layer. In the end I did end up working it into the design - the idea is is that the raindrops are turning into hearts, or the hearts are flying up and stopping the rain, so I'm happy with the symbolism of that part. In the end it turned out fine, I guess, but it was a struggle when I was putting it together!

The recipe (and my rendering of it):
Hexagons (raindrops)
White paint (behind the title)
Make a grid (the background paper and the map paper)
Use small photos (yup - too small for you to see properly!)
NO PINK (ooops.... realised at the last minute that the background paper has pink on it)
Use three circles (two wheels and a button)
Use three squares (the letters)
Use something transparent (red flock transparency semi-circles)

As always, you can go find out what the other members made from this recipe on the Punky blog. We'd love to see what you might come up with too, so please join in!


  1. I like the sketch. I can see that you have put a lot of work into this layout. There is a lot going on, glad you are happy with it.

  2. I think you did great considering the paper. I have the WORST time with patterned paper that has a central pattern or graphic on it. I love the photo strip and the rain turning into hearts is cute! :D

  3. I LOVED your layout when I saw it on Punky Scraps! I had to come here so I could pin it on Pintrest. I think you did a great job with the challenge.

  4. I like a layout which makes the viewer work a little :) Thinking about the symbolism added to my enjoyment

  5. Gorgeous layout! Love the colors and the "film-strip" (photos)! This is a very difficult challenge but I think you did great!

  6. Loving the little hearts and the sketch

  7. Well, I think this is truly inspirational! It is fun and funky. The hearts are great.