Tuesday 14 February 2012

I'm in the Mood for Love

About a year ago, we started trying to decide on a song for our first dance. We didn’t necessarily want a first dance, but as we’d been taking swing dancing lessons (Lindy Hop, to be exact), we admitted that we were certainly going to dance, and that one of the dances would naturally have to be the first one. So we threw ourselves full swing (hehe) into the search.

Now, between us we have a lot of music. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Not just in sheer volume, but also in the range of eras, genres, levels of fame and success, and sources and styles. Choosing from that seemed an impossible task. In total we were searching for 5 songs – 1 for our first dance, 3 for the town hall ceremony (entrance, signing and exit), and 1 for our own personal ceremony after dinner. The song for the first dance we thought we’d decided on by the time May came around (the others were finally settled on during the week before the wedding…how that stressed me out I can’t tell you). And it is the little story behind this song that helped me make my valentine’s card this year.

My parents came to visit at the end of May and, naturally, we told them about the song. We talked a bit about the artists and how we’d come to know them, and then practised our dance a little.

Cut to the moment on our wedding day after our first dance, when we were called aside by my parents and given a very special gift: the album on which the song appeared, on original, unplayed vinyl – signed by the surviving female singer. This surprise was an even bigger one than seeing my parents jiving – Where? How? When? – of course, we were amazed.

They told us that at a vintage fair they’d gone to in July, Keely Smith had been there signing autographs. She was old, and frail following an illness, but she was there and full of the edge she showed when she performed on stage with Louis Prima. My parents headed for a record stall, looking for one thing only – and found it. She was happy to sign, apparently punching my dad on the arm for giving her a pen that didn’t quite work, and happy to hear that some ‘young people’ were still interested in her music. My parents went home triumphant and full of glee.

Since all the DT at Scrapbook Challenges have been challenged to incorporate a love song into their projects this month, I’ve made an easy decision and gone for this one.

first card I've been happy with in a loooong time!
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  1. What a lovely story,Cheryl....and a great card to go with it.

  2. I love your card! I bet Adam will love it too! What a lovely story, it still makes me smile and feel so full of happiness and excitement when I think about that time, and we couldn't wait to give you and Adam the gift and tell the tale. It was a very special time for us as we both felt so involved in the wedding plans and hoped that our little extras would add to the day. It is Valentine's day so it is ok to get a little slushy, our hearts were filled with so much love and pride that day, we will never forget it, and of course it goes without saying that you are both very, very loved. Happy Valentine's day.

  3. It's a gorgeous card and another great story. I'd love to learn how to Lindy Hop

  4. Oh Cheryl, I am IN LOVE with this card! Loved reading this story too! I was so not into having a first dance at our wedding but we ended up picking a song from "A Mighty Wind" so it worked. :D

  5. Spectacular card and the best part is the story! Your parents sound like some seriously cool cats!

  6. That's another great story! I love this project!!! Fun photo of a wonderful card. The twine is really beautiful!

  7. I never knew that! That's so amazing a coincidence and what a great story. Well done to the folks!