Thursday 9 February 2012

Messing Things Up

For the design team at True XOXO this month, the challenge - get messy - was divisive to say the least... but what the challenge has shown, although tough, is that there are MANY different ways you can be messy, and that messy is ALL RELATIVE. I love some of the LOs on this challenge for the personal value - you might not necessarily look at a page and think automatically that it is messy, but once you read the artist's little summary of the page and get to know their 'usual' style, you see how they've gone through a creative process to arrive at the layout.

Mine was intended to truly reflect the messy state of my brain the other week - lack of sleep leads to some interrrrrrrrrrrresting artistic accents, that's for sure!

all kinds of messy
I wanted to get lots of layers on there without turning it into an art journal-style page or mixed media piece, but I think it just looks like I Jackson Pollocked it (I wish!).

Anyway, join in the fun this month and you could win a month-long guest spot on the DT!


  1. If that really shows the state of your mind, you definately need to rest! lol, I guess it must just be fun to "make a mess" Your mess looks very messy, but it all works together well.

  2. Sometimes just letting your creativity go wild, is fun :)

  3. Ooh that does look like fun, sometimes it feels just right to let go and make a mess.... Lovely mess by the way ;)

  4. Totally cool ! Wish I could create with your sense of abandon.

  5. I like it! The different "messy" bits are very cool!

  6. The colors are amazing- I like this messy- it looks exactly like how you would feel if you just don't sleep- this was one of my favorite pages from the challenge.