Thursday 16 February 2012

Home is...

A looooong time ago I bought a sort-of printer’s tray in a funny shape. A specific shape, considering what I wanted to do with it - I wanted to celebrate the concept of 'home', which, for me, isn't a house, a town, a country; it's less tangible than that. It's a feeling.

Anyway, I’ve been working on it slooooowly and thought I’d finally share some of my progress.

I've used some of the ancient letterpress kit I found that same day to embellish
First I asked my husband nicely to sand it for me and stain it that dark red colour. Then I started collecting bits and pieces that I’d like to add to it. I cut some shapes for the wallpaper of the little ‘rooms’, and selected some photos to fill the spaces with.

'home is where the heart is' is so true for me
And that’s as far as I’ve got. Maybe in another 18 months it’ll be completed. When it is, I promise I'll share it fully.

it was a great idea, but I've been slow at completing it


  1. Slow ans sure, that's the way to create something beautiful. Go too quickly and all the lovely details probably wouldn't be there. So far it looks beautiful

  2. Looks lovely, I love the "little rooms" and how different each can look.

  3. Awesome start so far, can't wait to see it completed!

  4. Surely if you build it up over time though you can fill it with all sorts of keepsakes to remind you of good times. There, I've given you a valid excuse to keep it as a constant work in progress!

  5. How in the world did I miss this post? I'm so out of lately! This looks fantastic Now I really want to see the overall shape of the curio! I'm sure you'll knock it right out the park- I've been sitting on my Gauch Alchemy curio forever because I just can't commit to a color palette or style- it's gonna take me a while- yours looks really fun! That mini lightbulb is the cuteness!