Thursday 23 February 2012

Oodles of Doodles

So the big news of this year for me so far is that I've gone back to the office. Part-time, mind. I'm still freelancing at home for the other half of the week, but we need a mortgage and the banks need a payslip, so this is what I have to do.

(You can sense my enthusiasm already, right?!)

As a result, I've been 'attending' lots of training sessions this year. The quote marks are because most of the training is issued online, via either CBT or presentations, so I'm not really attending so much as... sitting at my desk.

So, these last two months, when I've not been taking notes, I've been doing this:

they made a mistake by giving me a pen and a piece of paper

Which made me remember what I used to do when I was a lot, lot younger:

can't believe I still have this

It reminded me of this layout that I did recently for Punky Scraps, and how I said I wanted to begin to introduce more light-hearted, hand-drawn elements into my work. So, doodling. Does anyone else out there like doodling on their craft creations?

PS. I also found this from a very long time ago:

how are you? Oh, I'm vine, thanks!
It made me go 'HAH!' because it is evidence that I once was able to cut and rip and stick very, very neatly, and so I have no excuse not to regain those skills!


  1. I am glad to see your time at work isn't a complete waste of time!! lol. I think it is fun to go back to the very basics, the stuff you did and enjoyed with basic materials. Love the doodling!

  2. Shows you're true to your creativity :)

  3. Oh wow! LOVE your doodles and how you blocked them!.. and me! me! (imagine the nerdy student with hand raised in class) I love doodling!

  4. You are an awesome doodler! I always tell myself to "doodle" more but rarely sit down and actually do it. lol

  5. This is fantastic!!! I am a doodler as well- it keeps me awake during meetings. My stuff is just daisies on the page- nothing remotely as artistic and graphic as this. I found my way to Shimelle Laine's blog today and found a paper clipping discussion about scrapping precious photos that reminded me of what we talked about a few days ago. It's a long audio file but it's a great discussion! Here's the link or just the info- not sure how it will copy: The Paperclipping Roundtable Episode 103 – Too Precious to Scrapbook by Paperclipping Roundtable Not that you felt this way about your projects but just an interesting discussion between women who know what they are talking about. :)