Thursday 9 September 2010

Doggie Bag

Since my sewing post a few weeks ago, I've had requests to make more bags, and, yes, I really want to make more bags. I will, I promise! The below item, however, was not exactly what I had in mind, but the opportunity simply presented itself...

It's a little bag to clip onto the dog's leash, in which to store poop scoops. We previously had a little plastic dispenser, but it was not very sturdy and kept breaking. After buying a third replacement we gave up and sought another solution: namely, my fabric scraps and sewing machine.

Keeping all the edges frayed for that dumpster chic look, I folded and sewed the top of the bag over a cord so that it becomes a drawstring bag. I cut the little doggie head and ear shapes and sewed around them, leaving the top of the head open so that I could add a popper closer, making a little pocket in which to store treats. Ain't it just rockin'?


  1. thats a great idea! might have to copy that one!

  2. Very clever! You might want to think about patenting that one..

  3. YES YES quite a fabulous thing you did with the fabrics!!! is this for your dog???

  4. And Fab new look on your blog too by the way... :)