Thursday 2 September 2010

Feeling Fruity

I'm feeling very pleased with myself today as I've managed to tick something off of my physical To Do list. I've had a set of mini canvasses lying around for years - and I mean years - and I've finally finished them!

I usually enjoy making more detailed, messier and more random collages, so these turned out to be quite a break from my normal style. They're crisp, almost sparse, but there's enough on each to get the idea across. Individually and collectively they represent snapshots of us and a few of the things we enjoy in life.
I painted each canvas with a couple of layers of acrylic paint, and then covered them in coordinating, themed embellishments -simple.

Just a quick little crafty experiment to get some creative juices flowing after having lost my mojo for a couple of days.

Before you go, I have a question for you. I love cherries - their flavour and feel, but also their image and the things they're associated with now, like contemporary vintage (I love 1950's-style clothing). I also love cherries because they quite closely resemble my name :-). I'd love you to tell me whether you have a particular affinity with a fruit or a flower, and why!


  1. Lovely new picture of you :) I like cherries too because my mum used to sing "Can She Bake a Cherry Pie" when she was happy

  2. Nice ! Cherries are also my favorite too! :)

  3. mine too! I love the smoothness of them, the gorgeous colour, and then the bitttersweet taste, mmmmm... anyway enough drooling. I like the designs on the canvases, they work well together.

  4. okay... its always good to have a lil change... my fave is the one with Skulls!!!

  5. Such a good idea to make little arty representations of yourself. I bet they look wicked on the wall!