Sunday 26 September 2010

Time for a Celebration

This weekend my fiance's brother-in-law had a party to celebrate his 40th birthday. From a big Irish family, the birthday boy clocked up 3 nights of celebrating while his family visited from Ireland. Yes, we were present at all 3, and were among the last to go home for 2 of the 3. For this reason, I'm going to keep it brief today.

Of course, I made a card. Inspired by some DCWV glitter cardstock, I put together this little number.

I cut a circle in the card and backed it with the patterned paper, which I stuck down with foam pads to give it a recessed effect. I adhered the numbers with foam pads to get them to pop out of the recess.

Actually the fact that the card is in the colours of the Irish flag is an accident. I knew I wanted to use that DCWV card, but I remembered it to be more blue than green. Guess it worked out all right in the end!


  1. That is a really nice card! The colours seem very Irish as well. Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Great card ... and good to hear that you all enjoyed your time. Sounds like a fun time was had.

  3. these colors look great together!what i like most the orange corrugated board!