Thursday 16 September 2010

Officially an Etsian... With a Cherry on Top!

Well, it's taken a fair amount of work, a lot of waiting, more patience than I thought I had, and some minor stresses, but I'm finally open for business on Etsy!

I didn't think I would make it when people told me I was being unrealistic; I didn't think I would make it when the Belgian system told me I couldn't have a credit card; but here I am. Sometimes my stubbornness works in my favour :-)

If you are curious, go check out my shop. I'm going to try to upload daily for a little while, while I get the stock up that was meant to be there this summer, and after that I'll be uploading when I can with the creations I have time to make.

If I had some champagne right now, I would open it. And drink some. To the interesting little experiment this might turn out to be. Wish me luck!

***Edited later: I'd just like to thank Melody for passing on to me this very sweet and yummy blog award:

I'm very flattered, thank you! I'll revisit this soon....***


  1. Glad you finally got there! Stubbornness! you! lol, good luck I hope it works out the way you wish!

  2. Congratulations!! So happy for you!!
    When you get chance, check my blog. I left something there for you!!

  3. Congratulations! Im off to have a look now......

  4. I do wish you lots of luck! I hope it goes very well for you. I'm off to check it out..

  5. Big congratulations to you ... I'll check it out ... and GOOD LUCK xxx

  6. thanks so much everyone :-) and thank you Sandra - this is my compromise, for the time being. We'll see where things go x