Thursday 23 September 2010

Sneak Peek: Door Hangers for Kids

This weekend my crafty friend Chocodeline and I will be giving a craft class to some kids - all of whom are under 9 and most of whom are under 6. We might be a little crazy... actually, I know that at least one of them is a very talented blossoming young artist - my fiance's 7-year-old niece. So it shouldn't be a problem getting them to create.

But what should we do? We settled on door hangers, which are personalisable and provide a large (but not too large!) enough canvas for the kids to decorate.

Here is the example I have created quickly from scraps and leftovers. Chocodeline kindly painted it (check out her awesome style in the pic lower down):

I used up shapes to make animals, the theme we're going to work with:

And used up some spare Cricut shapes:

And this is the awesome paint job by Chocodeline. She said she did what she thought a child would do, but I think it looks very stylish :-)

So, here's looking forward to Saturday's class... it is taking place in the afternoon, after an early morning trip to a craft show, don't you know!


  1. That is amazing, really pretty, don't expect such good results from the children, there will be more paint on the tables and their clothes than anything else! Having said that your example should really inspire them. Wish I was coming to the craft show, have lots of fun x

  2. They are gorgeous, the kids will love making them!

  3. youhou! i still have to prepare the boy version :s! we need to think about bin bags to protect their clothes ;)

  4. You'll go down a storm! The kids will have such fun, but I really can't imagine they'll look anywhere near as good as yours. Enjoy the craft show.

  5. Have a great day tomorrow and good luck x