Thursday 2 June 2011

Art Journalling

Last week I went along to an Etsy lab here in Brussels, hosted by Marta of Dutch Handmade and Julie Ann of Turtlewings. The lab was given by Anna Denise, a super-talented artist-and-more. She talked us through our first few pages of art journalling.

Following on from my (now, evidently pre-emptive) realisation that I could draw, this art journalling business really challenged me.

The first page was closer to what I'm used to - paper, dimension, glue - but then we had to go on our individual journeys and journal about our day.

Anna assured us that if we carried on with our art journals, our self-portrait would eventually emerge. I guess I need to be patient.

I already discover I'm better at journalling than I am at art.

But I am persevering nonetheless, because it's fun.

And because it's interesting to see what comes out of your subconscious when you're in automatic mode. Sometimes scrapbooking can be like that, but the art journalling has made me really think more about placement and colourways in my scrapbooking. I'm looking at another long weekend full of journal-able, as well as scrappable, moments, so let's see what I can come up with...


  1. I'm loving seeing more and more blogs these days where people are Art Journaling, to me, it's true creativity. And yes, I can see this is a great outlet for your talents :)

  2. This is very encouraging to me - I know I'm better at journaling than I am at art. Definitely. Great stuff!

  3. The pages are lovely, I think it does you good just to be free with a pen and not worry about stuff too much, it's also great to look at all the doodles and how they come together to tell a story.

  4. ooo i just read about Anna Denise's class on her blog this morning, how amazing that you got to go, i'm so jealous! your pages are amazing! xxx marlene