Sunday 26 June 2011



They're not exactly my go-to shades. But lately, I've come to see that I can use them.

In baking if not in crafting. Actually, I did try here to use lilacs - that was really difficult. And more recently I tried to use them to make a card for a friend to give to her mum.

For the card I also used something else I don't love: flowersoft. I was pretty brutal with it though, so I think (hope!) it's stayed in place.

Anyone out there got a least favourite colour/shadeset? Wanna share how you get over it?


  1. I remember you using lilac, because it is also my least favourite shade to make things with. I can wear it, I just don't like making things with it!

  2. Love the cakes...the colours look great...though I actually like lilac for cards....and quite often use it!!

  3. The cakes look de-lish! I'm not sure what my least favourite colour is... I do have a few colours that do not seem to inspire me though - Usually orange! :)

  4. I'm not a huge fan of purple, but to be honest, colour always lifts me - so I suppose the answer from me is no. Although I would agree with you on flwersoft lol

  5. me and flowersoft are not friends, I shout at it, swear at it and it still won't stay put!! I don't have a problem using lilac, I think I find yellow the hardest to use, I love it but just seem to find it difficult to match up.
    The cakes are so pretty, and your card turned out great as well.