Sunday 19 June 2011

Punky Scraps Challenge 20: 5,4,3,2,1...

Challenge number 20 is up at Punky Scraps: to create a page using the following:

5 photos
4 alphas
3 patterned papers
2 colours of mists/pain
1 stamp
and also incorporate the colour blue.

My layout for this challenge looks like this:

Five photos - yes! I've been collecting these over the years and so badly wanted to use them on a page but am scared these days of using too many photos on a page. Perfect timing the challenge! Four alphas - yes, if you count either a different colour (white and black Thickers) or my own handwriting. Three patterned papers - yes: the background and two little flags on the right. Two colours - well, I used a blue home-made paint mist (and it worked!) and some white gesso. One stamp - that's the little star imprint in the gesso.

Oh, and blue - well, yes :-). The little piece of ephemera is actually a part of the most awesome event leaflet I've ever seen. It's a few pages full of really old circus-style adverts for events going on at one of our favourite local venues, aptly named (for this layout) 'Magic Mirrors'. It's where we go dancing - it has a proper wooden dance floor and a glass dome in the ceiling that splits sunlight into rainbows on the inside - no need for a glitterball in the summer when it's still light at 10.30pm.

My home-made paint spray. Proud!

I actually used a Scrapbook Challenges sketch for this one: number 256, which looks like this:

Go and get Punky at Punky Scraps by joining in the challenge. You know you want to!


  1. Love how you have reflected your title. Great layout, you really do get some cool photos. This is really your style.

  2. You couldn't have asked for a better challenge, it's really let your creativity show through.

  3. Wow, I don't think I could have managed to get that title right! Very clever :)

  4. sounds like a fun, but difficult, challenge. i love all the reflection photos and references.

  5. Love how you did the title, amazing!

  6. Love those photos. I almost always use more than 1 photo on the page so it was normal for me but you did A better job placing the images on the page. You guys get sun till 10:30? bananas! I thought 8:30 sunset was cool but the trade off must be early winter sunsets- those are depressing.