Sunday 6 February 2011

Love is in the Air

...or at least, love is in the airwaves. Or blogosphere. For sure in the scrapbooking community. Not wanting to be left out, I've prepared a few things in the run up to St Valentine's Day.

A while ago we visited a village built around and through the ruins of a huge abbey - such an impressive sight. It was when we were still looking for a wedding venue, and we were considering having an outside ceremony in the grounds. We were almost sold by the fact that there was a bride and groom being photographed in the grounds at the time.

Thanks to the camera's timer, we took some pictures of us together. And ten seconds (the maximum time setting) is just enough for my fiance to make it to the pose point.

I wanted to use this photo to make a page which expressed my feelings about him and our plans. I was going to give it a much longer title, but in the end, the short, single word worked much more powerfully. And I felt the addition of the full stop was even more important for driving the point home (I'm a bit like that).

Stay tuned for more love-themed projects in the next couple of weeks.


  1. beautiful work,i love this mix of paterns and colors!

    Have a great day!!!

  2. Great colours, lovely layout, I love the alphas.

  3. Gorgeous coloring and love the layering too! Have I mentioned I envy your location? You are sooo lucky!

  4. A beautiful photo with the light coming from behind the arches. I'm loving your title and the .

  5. GORGEOUS photo!!!!!!! Want to see more! :) Congrats on your Etsy shop!