Thursday 24 February 2011

Sharing the Love

As we're approaching the end of February, I'd like to fit in one more love-themed posting: this time, I'm moving the focus away from me and sharing the love with My Talented Family instead.

First up, my little bro. You may remember me gushing about how my brother's surprise craftiness blew us away at Christmas. Well, here are the photos to prove it!

The vinyl bowl and picture frame:


And the bag he made - replete with French seams:

Next up, my mum. This is only a tiny snapshot of her talents. Really, she should write her own blog to show them off. She made me a bag for Christmas too:

And when we first announced our engagement, she set to work making a book in which we could record all the developments as we organised the wedding. It took us a couple of years, but we're finally able to use it:


And now for my dad. He's been involved in the crafty stuff, too. Unfortunately I can't get to the Christmas decorations I wanted to show you so we'll just have to make do with feathers and glitter (yep...!):


'What the....?' you may be thinking. Well... he likes to go fly fishing, and tying flies is a pastime of his which would often see him coming to me to borrow nail polish, old tights and hair ties. I can assure you that these flies look exactly like the real insects they're imitating (in other words, really quite gross).

And finally for now, my fiance. He plays guitar and, along with a trumpeter friend of his, has been playing to crowds for the last year and a bit. A bit of blues, a bit of ska, a bit of everything - but all interpreted in their own special way. They sound amazing - take a look at them in action!


  1. What a talented family!

  2. i'm sure it is great inspiration to be surrounded by so many talented people!

  3. fly fishing??? man, thats an interesting one! haha...
    a family of crafters... and crafting!!! Hooray...
    miss you...sorry missed out on so much of ur post. thanks for ur kind words.

  4. Now we see where all your talent comes from! Love the bag your mom made with the rose trim but am really wowed that your brother stitched a bag!

  5. wow,amazing cool to have such a creative and tallented family!!

  6. Sabrina, and if you knew my brother, you'd be even more wowed that he sewed a bag :-)

  7. Wow, what a very creative lot you are! I really enjoyed the video too - it must be very exciting watching them play live

  8. Wow, looks good when you put it all together, I guess we just take it all for granted. Forgot about the book, hope you enjoy using it!

  9. SO great!! It's fantastic you guys take the time to make gifts for each other. Every single project is fabulous. :) The fishing flies don't look gross to me.

  10. I can't tell you how much I've nagged your mum about starting a blog ... I can see where you get your talent from - you have a lovely talented family.

    Show's you how much you all love each other, you've taken to time to make gifts that mean something.

  11. I knew there was a reason i was singing hit the road jack in the hospital and now i know why!!
    Talented family you have :)