Tuesday 15 February 2011

Sending the Love

It's not often a word or phrase shared between my family and me, but that's not to say it doesn't exist between us. Far from it; I've been supported in more ways than I could ever have asked for, in every decision I've made, from going away to university to going away to Belgium.

A little postcard sent with love is a tiny acknowledgement of this love and support.

The words are letterpressed and the fabric hearts are ones I cut and sewed myself. The little image on the left of the postcard is courtesy of Renoir.

Come back next week for a much bigger nod to my family, when I'll be Sharing the Love.


  1. Sometimes we just get caught up in all the rush of life, trying to fit things in before you leave, you know what I mean. And then when you have gone, tsk, I think, oh I should have said..... but anyway I love you too! with all my heat and soul. Always have, always will, nothing will ever change that. You are always on my mind. xxxxxxxx

  2. So lovely - the fabric adds a nice touch ;)