Thursday 17 February 2011

Love and Project Restyle

This really is turning into a month of love for me. I've still got heart projects to share!

First up, a teeny-tiny mini book. This book came together with items from opposite ends of the scrapbooking spectrum: its cover is cream cracker packaging salvaged from the recycling bin, and inside are beautiful Melody Ross sentiment cards which always happen to say the right thing at the right time.


The other project I finished last week was February's Project Restyle submission. I took this ill-fitting and unflattering shirt:

and turned it into some of the cards you saw on Sunday, as well as some stuffed hanging hearts that you caught a glimpse of on Tuesday:

There's still a lot of fabric left over, so... hmmm... what next?


  1. Gorgeous mini book and nice recycling with the shirt :)

  2. like it! I didn't realise you had cut up a shirt to make the hearts, well done.

  3. what a great re-use of an unwanted shirt. And just love the mini book, it's fabulous, I so love seeing pages different shapes and sizes.

  4. I love your recycling - or upcycling is really the word when you are improving on the original, isn't it?

  5. Cool work,the album is amazing and wow how much i LOVE the restyle!!Great job!
    Have a nice day!!

  6. i am so inspired by what you do with the shirt. and (fortunately, i guess) i have lots of clothing to restyle!