Sunday 10 July 2011



...keep from getting stressed at wedding planning

...stop putting pressure on myself

...stand any more negativity!

So... I'm throwing it all off my back. I made a layout for the Punky Scraps challenge site that was like a catharsis for me. And now I feel freed from the clutches of pressure and stress.

It's called 'Can't afford to keep up', and contains a big page of  hidden journalling where I describe the pressure I feel from the scrapbooking industry to spend, spend, spend, how I resist it out of necessity, and how it feels like I'm fighting a sometimes lone battle to do my own thing. This is what the Punky Scraps DT membership has done for me, and the honesty is refreshing.

The challenge this week is to make a page using tissue paper - apt for someone trying to resist all those new products out there, screaming to be bought. Fancy joining in? You could win this if you do:


  1. don't stress,i'm sure it's gonna be really look better when you relax and don't you want to be on your best on your wedding day :)Come on.....It really will be the day of your will be the most beautifl bride and most of all you will have a huge party,with all your friends and the people who loves you!!!and if something goes wrong.....that's oke...cause you will lauch it away and just have loads of fun!!Just relax and enjoy.(you only have to say YES!)xx

  2. Well said Jolanda!very good advice.
    Nothing to worry about at all, surely we are almost there!
    An interesting layout, not sure it's for me, using tissue paper!

  3. LOVE the orange and those metal letters!!! I'm feeling the same pressure myself these days- it's indeed very lonely and very strange as I have so much stuff already 30 people could scrap for 30 days and still have plenty left over but but but- there's always something else to want. I read somewhere this was the Buddha's main beef with humanity (in as much as the man could beef with anyone which he didn't)- we want so much and the state of wanting is a state of misery- wise man- but the state of getting what you want is ecstasy so I'll put up with the occasional pang of want. When your wedding goes as you planned you'll be glad you took so many pains- from what I've seen so far it's gonna be fantastic! Red, cream and black? AWESOME wedding colors! :)

  4. For some reason my previous comment wasn't posting so if it shows up just delete this one! I love this layout! Its an awesome design but the meaning speaks to me big time! I know that my layouts could be better if I had the money to spend on prima and dusty attic and all those other awesome embellies but I'm a sahm of 2...and I'm on a tight budget, so I use a lot of "true" scraps! This is a very inspiring page, and I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who feels this pressure too!!