Tuesday 12 July 2011

Wedding Trees

What feels like a long time ago I posted about trees. I've been thinking a lot about them since then (and I still have to scrap that photo I took) - in the context of a wedding celebration.

Trees fascinate me, and how people live with them and use them all over the world sometimes just blows my mind.

Tree bridge at Cherrapunji, India (source: www.world66.com)

Treehouse in somebody's garden, NY State (source: www.treehouseworkshop.com)

Wishing tree in Phuket, Thailand (source: www.travelerfolio.com)

I love wishing trees as a way of bringing people together for a common reason. For that reason, I'm choosing to feature trees in the wedding. But I'm going to be mean and only share sneaky peeks of them right now.

Actually, they're quite generous, as far as sneak peeks go, don't you think? The first one is mine, the second one my mum made. I'll elaborate on them soon....


  1. wow,pretty....hope to see the whole thing :)

  2. I saw some trees in the woods at Christmas time which had been decorated with photos of peoples deceased dogs!

  3. post more!!

    Kate (I'm in admin mode-sorry about that)

  4. wow, so amazing :D the treehouse is gorgeous. xo Felicitas from Germany.