Friday 8 July 2011

Summer Really Brings Out the Kid in You, Huh?

It's summer! And over at True XOXO the July lifting challenge is up. Go get lifting! Gorgeous prizes to be won!

One of the criteria for creating our liftable pages this month was to use multiple photos that were action shots which really showed our fun side. I browsed our photo collection on the backup drive; then I rummaged amongst the printed photos; and then I dug out the 'old photos' box and went through that. Sad to say, I found absolutely zero photos of me being 'fun'. From this moment forward I resolve to be more 'fun' in photos!

I resorted to using photos of my fiance and his friend, messing about in a playground one Sunday afternoon a few years ago.

'Summer really brings out the kid in you'? Apparently that's not the case for me. But I'm happy I could rely on others to live up to this.

Go on, go get lifting! There is so much inspiration on that site right now!


  1. You are being too hard on yourself, of course you are fun and I have photos to prove! if only you had asked! still, I like the layout and I love the way you use the foam squares to make things pop up.

  2. LOOOVE the border stitching and paint dripping on this page!!! This is a great design- so much detail but doesn't feel busy at all- now you have another assignment- get out and get busy HAVING FUN! You can DO EEET! :)

  3. wow,beautiful work!!!
    about the tissue challenge,I took the pic with the tissue paper...that's why it's not such a good pic :))
    And the carousel on the bloghop L/O is a sticker...a Jolee...:)
    BTW;And I LOVE your pics on FB,You're such a nice person and a beauty!!!(I'm sure you are fun!!!!!)

  4. Love the spots of colour against the white ground. The multiple photos in the slide strip is a design idea I'm going to try.

  5. This is a really beautiful and summer lo! i love the great details!!